Sunday Shorts: My Sister is Engaged!

Sunday Shorts

My baby sister Monica got engaged on Thanksgiving! The proposal was so very sweet.  Her boyfriend (now fiance) Ben asked my mother for her blessing as well as her help with pulling off the proposal.

Our family members have been going down to my aunt and uncle’s lake house for Thanksgiving for years, and this is where Ben planned to propose to Monica. For some reason, that I hope she’ll leave a blog comment to explain, my sister adores otters, so Ben found an otter stuffed animal and snuggled the ring box in the stuffed animal.  His plan was to take Monica for a walk and point out the “otter” sitting on the bank of the lake.

My mom’s responsibility was to set the otter by a tree by the lake, but she was so flustered with the responsibility that she locked herself out of her house before leaving in the morning, leaving the ring and everything else she was bringing to the lake house inside! This was eventually resolved, but when we got down to the lake house, she was so nervous that a random wild coyote was going to run up and snatch the otter stuffed animal and run off with it!

She eventually calmed down.  Everything was ready to go! All the family members were there, everybody had eaten and was socializing, but Ben started having trouble figuring out how to get Monica to go outside.  She is a bit of a social butterfly and kept flitting around to each family member striking up conversations.  My brother and I went down to the basement to conspire on how to push Monica outside to go for a walk with Ben, eventually thinking of a lame, “Let’s have her go outside to divide up our Secret Santa papers” (because it really makes a lot of sense to go all the way outside to do that and not in another room or something) BUT… Ben talked her into going outside in the end, so we both did look like a couple of lame-os when we ran up and suggested our brilliant idea.  Oh well!

So, as Ben and Monica walked over to the tree, my family members pressed up against the windows to spy.  Here’s a little video I took of the proposal (oh my gosh, I have no idea why I held my phone vertically to take the video, by the way! I’m so irritated with myself!):

The Happy Couple!

Monica and Ben CollageSo it was all very sweet and a memorable Thanksgiving for sure!

I hope everybody else had a great Thanksgiving this year!


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8 Responses to Sunday Shorts: My Sister is Engaged!

  1. Oh my gosh Celeste that was so sweet I had tears in my eyes as Kenny kept peeking over here at my laptop to see what was going on he even commented at one point, “What a rush!”

    Congratulations Ben and Monica and may you have a lifetime filled with love and happiness!


  2. Echo says:

    She looks so happy!

  3. Jen says:

    How sweet and wonderful!! I LOVED seeing the pictures on Facebook and that video even vertical is super sweet :) I love that all of your family was in on it!

  4. […] the “Monica” is in honor of her little sister who just got engaged, but she’s not quitting her. She’s going to make a strong effort to give up diet soda. […]