Sunday Shorts: Power Tools, Fighting, Dave Murray


Hello!  I hope everybody had a fantastic week!  Do you consider the week to start on a Sunday or end on a Sunday?  I consider Sunday the end of the week, which is why I use this day to chit-chat about whatever I feel like or recap the past few days.  So, here are this week’s Sunday Shorts.

women and power toolsL to R:  My mom, me, our friend Jennifer, my sister Monica

My mom recently moved into a new place, so yesterday my little sister Monica, our friend Jennifer and I got together to help put together some furniture and hang curtain rods and curtains.  We snapped a selfie after the bad-ass day with our tools.  Note that we each are holding one.  Mom is only known for a) hot gluing things or b) throwing a doily over them when they’re broken or need put together, so since each of us are holding a tool, we just had her grab her hot glue gun for the photo.


girls getting alongAww, I remember the days where my girls still got along… *sigh*.  Okay, most the time they do– BUT they are two little girls who are close in age, so they always feel obligated to be in each others business which causes LOTS of bickering to occur.  Sometimes more than others.

Recently they’ve been in “bickering mode” around here, so on one particularly noisy occasion in the backyard, I decided to start recording these spats.  I have 3 recordings on my phone currently and I play them back to my girls when they aren’t fighting and they’re like, “Moo-oom, why did you do that?  That’s embarrassing!”  But my point was that I was hoping for them to hear how ridiculous they sounded.

Has my plan worked to stop the bickering? Okay…. NOPE.  But, TBH, it’s amusement to go around playing for my family and friends, so I think I’ll keep doing it.


We have had our first snow!  It’s actually really just a dusting– less than an inch.  But it’s only November and that makes me skuuurrred up in herrr!  (Erm, sorry, beaming back from 2002 with my lingo.)

Last winter was the worst snow accumulation activity and accumulation-wise I’ve ever experienced in my life in the St. Louis area and our St. Louis news meteorologist, Dave Murray, says that this year is supposed to be even MORE epic!

Dave Murray

Dave Murray



Okay, just kidding. :(  I lied and that first pic above is of Dave Murray from Iron Maiden.  It just felt really cool to brag that he was our news meteorologist since they share the same name.

Forgive me for lying. :(   :(  Here’s our actual news meteorologist.

Dave Murray

Dave Murray

(I love how I’m acting like we have only one in the whole St. Louis area, btw)

weekly roundup

Coming Soon!!!! (EXCITING)


You’ll want to tune in this week, because here is what I have planned!

  • $195 Cash Giveaway!
  • Birchbox Review!
  • Talking ’bout my Hormel Goodies!
  • More (if I don’t slack!)

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