Georgina and her Spenser Pets Self-Warming Cat Bed (Review)

A little over a year ago, my husband found Georgina, along with her siblings, abandoned in a dumpster behind the building in which he worked.  She took a liking to my husband, following him around, so he snapped this photo with his phone and sent it to me with the caption, “She is cold. Can we keep her?”

Georgina dumpsterI texted back to bring her home.

We had her checked out at the vet, and we found out she had no microchip and was perfectly healthy.  Unfortunately, people in that area tend to abandon litters of kittens frequently.  Fortunately, all the rest of the cats in that litter found homes with other employees of the building.

A short time later, we moved into a new house and young Georgina seemed to look a little lost…  following us around constantly, never wanting to be alone, whining, and sitting on the steps like a dejected dude-bro…

dude broWe decided to take action and searched for a product that would totally pamper Georgina in the way she deserved to be, which is when I stumbled upon Spenser Pets on Etsy.

Spenser Pets sells pet beds that are self-warming.  They are made with a special insert inside that radiates heat back to your kitty cat’s bodies.  (No electricity needed!)  And the high wall of the beds creates a cozy, secure little environment for cats to curl up in.

Cat luxuries aside, what I like best about Spenser Pets‘ beds is that they’re stylishly designed to fit in with my home decor.  No more tacky fish bone, animal paw, or hot pink cheetah prints!  Georgina’s new bed is actually a home accent that guests have complimented me on instead of my feeling like I need to hide it away.

 Here are some of the stylish designs that Spenser Pets currently offers for their Modern Self-Warming Pet Beds (styles may eventually vary depending upon inventory order supply and demand):

Spenser Pets Cat Bed

When Georgina’s bed arrived, we put it in places that she normally slept so she’d understand that this bed was especially for her, and she took to it pretty quickly.

GeorginaSpenser Pets Modern Self-Warming Pet beds are offered in two different sizes and their website offers instructions on how to measure your cat to make sure she gets the size just right for her.

For Georgina, we opted for the biggest sized bed, because she LOVES to stretch out one leg and sleep like a little weirdo.  As you can see!

Georgina 2Georgina LOVES her new bed.  She is VERY happy!

To learn more about Spenser Pets Modern Self Warming Pet Beds, check out their Etsy Shop, or visit them on Facebook.

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10 Responses to Georgina and her Spenser Pets Self-Warming Cat Bed (Review)

  1. Louida says:

    Georgina looks so cozy in her warm bed!

    I remember when I was younger, my mom found a litter of kittens by her bank. She took one kitten home for my brothers and I to have. Boy, was that kitty (Olivia) mean and not well behaved!!!! Olivia would bite, pee, and started scratching up my baby brother’s face. We had to let her go. I guess the street life got to her.

    Thanks Celeste for visiting the #ProductReviewParty! I’ll be sharing your post!

  2. What a sweet girl! My dog is turning 14 this and would really enjoy something like this, but we might have the baby crawling in for a nice, snugly nap as well!

  3. Spenser Pets says:

    Georgina is adorable! We love her little leg stretched outside the bed. What a cutie! So happy she’s enjoying her new bed

  4. Joy says:

    These are really cute! I’m sure our cats would love them too.

  5. Um do they make adult sized ones cause I would really love this! Especially after the long cold winter we just had. I could have used it to hibernate!