Southwestern Shredded Chicken Wraps

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Super easy, super tasty… this is what I’m going for lately and fortunately, Hormel provided me with some ingredients to do that!


shredded southwestern chicken wraps

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Southwestern Shredded Chicken Wraps
  • Chi-Chi’s Flour Taco Style Tortillas
  • Hormel New Taco Meats Shredded Chicken
  • 2 Orange Bell Peppers, seeded and diced
  • 1 Can of Corn
  • Roma Tomatoes, diced
  • Salsa, to taste
  • 1 TBSP Oil
  1. Heat oil in medium skillet and add orange bell peppers
  2. Saute peppers until nearly tender, then add corn and tomatoes
  3. Saute mixture until peppers are tender
  4. Meanwhile in a separate skillet, heat meat according to package
  5. Warm tortillas
  6. Serve tortillas topped with meat, topped with veggies and salsa (optional)

My girls loved this meal and it tasted like there was waaay more work that went into “cooking” it than there actually was.  Nobody needs to know that, though! 😉

What kind of easy meals are you preparing for busy week nights?


I have partnered with Hormel Foods as part of their Extended Family Blogger Program. While Hormel Foods provides me with material and necessary resources to complete various activities, all statements and sentiments and opinions at are my own.

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9 Responses to Southwestern Shredded Chicken Wraps

  1. Corn H.Olio says:

    Mmm…mmm…nothing beats corn rolled up in a Chi Chi’s wrapper!

  2. Brokeback Fountain says:

    Please don’t quit me!!!

  3. Stacie says:

    Mexican food is my fave and that looks like a tasty recipe! I’m a little afraid of package meat though.

  4. Louida says:

    I love Mexican food, I cook it often in my household. It’s usually my go-to meal during the week days. #ProductReviewParty

  5. I love chicken wraps and this is an easy, breezy recipe – thanks for sharing. #ProductReviewParty

  6. Alisha says:

    This looks so yummy and I love that it’s so quick and easy to make! Def going to try this out one night with the family. #ProductReviewParty