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Remote Control Adventures 5I recently received a lovely email from a woman named Lynn M. Silber asking me if my 8-year old daughter, Delia, would be interested in reading some of her books from her newly launched children’s book series aimed towards 2nd and 3rd graders and giving feedback. Delia plows through so many books lately, that going to the library once a week this summer has NOT even been enough, so I jumped at the chance knowing she’d be thrilled, and Lynn generously sent her 5 books, autographed.  (Thanks so much!)

Lynne M. Silber

Author Lynn M. Silber

About the Author

Lynn Silber grew up on my stomping grounds (St. Louis, MO) and was a television-lover at an early age.  Lynn pursued her dreams, and when she grew up was  able to fully dive into her passions at ABC television on the The View as well as other live-to-tape shows as an Associate Director,  Stage Manager, Script Supervisor and Post Production Supervisor.

These days, Lynn is a stay-at-home mom to three, residing in New Jersey. She was inspired to start writing her own children’s book series, “Remote Control Adventures” after witnessing two of her children bickering over the remote! Lynn’s inspiration for many of her stories’ characters comes from real people she’s encountered over the years in the television industry!


An evil show producer (named “The Producer”) has found a TV portal into TV Land and is altering the endings of shows’ scripts to make the bad guys win.  Zach and Lana (the children who are the main characters) find they can magically zoom themselves into their TV shows with their remote control. From there, it is up to them to find a way to change back the scrips so the bad guys won’t win.

Remote control adventures look out wild west


1.       Look Out Wild West! (Book 1): In this first book of the Remote Control Adventures series, Zack and Lana discover that their TV remote is magic and zoom into TV land to stop “The Producer” from using magic to change the shows script. First they have to outsmart The Producer and a rowdy band of outlaws in this wild west adventure!



The knights of Chandron


2.       The Knights of Chandron (Book 2): For the 3rd addition to the Remote Control Adventures series, Zack and Lana zoom into TV Land during into their favorite show: The Knights of Chandron. The evil producer has ousted Queen Valentina and has pronounced himself King! Zack and Lana must find the script to set things right!



remote control adventures pirates of blackberry island


3.       The Pirates of Blackberry Island (Book 3): The Evil Producer is back! This time, he has commandeered a pirate ship and stolen a treasure map intending to claim the lost treasure for himself! Zack and Lana, once again, zoom into TV Land, but Lana is captured by The Producer’s band of pirates and Zack needs to rescue her before it’s too late!



remote control adventures Dinosaurs beyond the waterfall


4.       Dinosaurs Beyond the Waterfall (Book 4): Zack and Lana enter a prehistoric world with dinosaurs in the Remote Control Adventures’ fourth book. The Evil Producer has altered the script, trapping a family in the past and it’s up to Zack and Lana to help them escape!




remote control adventures zeedle trouble


5.       Zeedle Trouble (Book 5): In the fifth installment of the Remote Control Adventures, the Evil Producer has trapped Zack and Lana’s little brother, Justin’s favorite cartoon characters, “The Zeetles” and has begun destroying their garden with an army of evil cucumber beetles! Zack and Lana and Justin must find the script to change the ending before it’s too late!



Remote Control AdventuresDelia enjoyed these books very much! She and I read the first two together and she plowed through the rest of them on her own. These books were action-packed and we enjoyed the friendship and teamwork that the brother and sister pair shared. One of the parts Delia says she enjoyed most was hearing that the main children- Zack, Lana, and Justin were named after the author’s own children in real life! There is a sixth book to this series that we plan on checking out very soon.

Delia and I recommend the Remote Control Adventures series for ages 6-9 years old.

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  1. Mari says:

    I love your little one is such a reader!! Nice share

  2. Louida says:

    My oldest daughter is a bookworm so I know she would enjoy reading this series of books. She is just like your daughter, she plows right through books. #ProductReviewParty

  3. These look like awesome story books! I know she will enjoy them!