What We Are Reading: The Mouse and the Motorcycle (a book review)

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the mouse and the motorcycle beverly cleary“The Mouse and the Motorcycle” by Beverly Cleary is the story of a young mouse named Ralph who resides at the run-down Mountain View Inn along with the rest of his relatives.  Ralph has seen many guests come and go, but until Keith, a young boy who checks in with his family one weekend, Ralph has never communicated with any of the guests.

Although mouse and human, Ralph and Keith discover they have a couple things in common:  They both have a love for adventure, and they both feel a sense of urgency to grow up quickly.

Another thing Keith and Ralph have in common is their love of motorcycles.  Keith has a toy motorcycle that Ralph fell in love with from the moment he saw it from his mouse hole. Keith gives permission for Ralph to ride it and to Ralph’s astonishment and pleasure, he finds it is not just a toy.  It genuinely rides like a real motorcycle!

Along with the riding privilege Keith bestows upon Ralph, he also presents a couple rules.  One rule is that Ralph must never ride the motorcycle when Keith is not in the room. However, the temptation to ride proves too great for Ralph one day when Keith isn’t around and Ralph ends up in a pickle with the motorcycle. This leads to the management’s discovery that there are mice in the hotel! Ralph knows he must work out a plan to make the management forget there are mice in the hotel and to repair the friendship between he and the boy.

How did Charlotte enjoy it?

To be honest, you really cannot go wrong with Beverly Cleary and children’s attention spans.  “The Mouse and the Motorcycle” is a story I loved when I was a child and love to this day (despite the fact that I’m terrified to death of mice).  Charlotte is five years old and enjoyed it very much! (I will mention that a couple chapters were a little long, so I cut them in half.)

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  1. sara says:

    I love Beverly Cleary! I haven’t read this one though — will have to add it to my daughter’s library when she’s a little older :)