What We Are Reading: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (a book review)

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” by Roald Dahl is the story of a young poverty-stricken boy named Charlie who lives with his parents and both sets of grandparents.  Charlie’s family is so poor, they can scarcely afford to eat, but they all manage to pitch in once a year to buy Charlie a Wonka chocolate bar for his birthday present which is something he dreams about daily as he walks by the great Chocolate Factory of Mr. Willy Wonka smelling the aroma of delicious candies.

Although Mr. Wonka is the most successful candy maker in the world, nobody has been seen entering or leaving the great Chocolate factory for years.  There have been reports of mysterious shadows of small “beings” in the windows which have caused the world to speculate and desire the chance to find out what is inside.

Shortly before Charlie’s birthday, Mr. Wonka sends notice throughout the world of a contest.  Five Golden Tickets have been placed inside candy bars and the five children who find these will get an exclusive tour of the mysterious factory as well as a life-time supply of sweets!  Excitement spreads, and one by one, Charlie’s family read the reports of the winners in the daily newspaper.

Suddenly, there is only one golden ticket left in the world and Charlie’s birthday has arrived!  Will he be the final contender to receive the last coveted ticket in his birthday candy bar?

How did Charlotte enjoy it?

Obviously by the title of the book, we guessed that Charlie would indeed get to go inside the factory, but I played a joke on Charlotte and said someone else found the ticket, then said “The End” and shut the book, which she thought was funny and obnoxious of me to do.

The parts of the book that were Charlotte’s favorites were hearing about the different types of candy inventions in the factory. Gum that turned into full-fledged meals when you chewed it, hot ice cream that never melts, and candy coated pencils that you can suck on during class were a few of her favorites.

Overall, Charlotte definitely enjoyed it!  And she specifically asked me to post a lesson she learned from the story on my blog which was, “Bad kids deserve bad things.  Good kids deserve good things.”  So there you have it!

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Opinions needed!

We are going to watch one of the movies based off the book now that we’re finished reading it.  I’m possibly one of the last people on earth who has never seen Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, so I was just wondering if you and your kids have seen both, which did they enjoy better?  Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, or the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie with Johnny Depp?

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2 Responses to What We Are Reading: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (a book review)

  1. DJ says:

    I personally like the 1971 version. The 2005 movie is more similar to the book and a bit darker theme. You can Wikipedia search for a chart for the differences between the three. Doesn’t hurt to show both. I’m not a mom…yet, so I’m not sure how age appropriate either of the movies are. I know the riverboat part of Willy Wonka can be a little bit scary for young kids.