What We Are Reading: You Can Do It (a book review)

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In the late 70’s/ early 80’s, Child Development Specialist Joy Wilt Berry launched a series of books called “The Ready-Set-Grow Series” to aid children with practical life skills (how to manage money, how to manage time), as well as give them a resource to better process and understand their feelings (understanding why they feel angry and methods to cope with it, etc)

The Ready Set Grow seriesAs a child of the 80’s, I had the whole series of books and my favorite parts were the fun, funky, 70’s style illustrations done by the artist “Hergie”.

It turns out my mother saved this collection of  books and I have been reading a few to my daughters.  Although written in the late 70’s/early 80’s, many of the concepts are still relevant today and they’ve been enjoying going through them!  A very small portion of the material in these books is outdated (we’re talking a few pages here or there) such as some of the parenting methods as well as some references to technology (record players!) but I usually skip those pages or we have a talk of how life has changed in those areas.

SummaryYou can Do It

“You Can Do It” by Joy Wilt is the book in the “Ready-Set-Grow” series about being creative.

-The first chapter reaches out to a child’s level with simple explanations on what it means to be creative.

-Chapter 2 explains to children the difference between Skills, Talents, and Gifts.

-Chapter 3 explains the difference between Concrete and Abstract Creations.

-Chapters 4 and 5 are filled with abstract and concrete creative experiments for children to try with ordinary supplies they can gather around the house.


How did Charlotte enjoy it?
Charlotte’s favorite chapters were 4 & 5 which gave her ideas for simple projects she can do around the house to help express her creativity.  I think I picked a good time to read “You Can Do It” with her because we have been having CABIN FEVER with all these snow days we’ve been experimenting in the midwest!

Now, I imagine I’m doing a HUGE blogging “no-no” by reviewing a book that has been out of print for quite some time,  however, “You Can Do It” does pop up on Amazon from-time-to time (See: Here, Here, and Here) starting at only $4 shipped which is a huge bargain!

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