Paper Games to Play When You’re Stuck Indoors pt 1

When boredom kicks in, the girls and I will sometimes play paper games to entertain ourselves.  They’re an inexpensive and entertaining way to pass the time with minimal supplies needed and hardly any prep or clean-up.

Paper Games when you're stuck indoors

This particular game we call “The Silly Monster Game”.

Players needed:
2 or more

5 and up

Supplies Needed:

  1. Paper (each person gets a piece!)
  2. Drawing utensils (each person gets one!)
  3. Kitchen table (everyone takes a seat!)

Step 1)
Fold each paper into thirds, like this:

Paper Games 2
Step 2)
Each Person takes a paper and folds it back up to show ONLY the top portion.  This is where we are going to draw first!  It’s important that it’s facing the correct way.  The top should be open and the bottom should be the folded crease.

Paper Games
Step 3)
Everybody, draw a head!  Any kind of head!  Silly, serious, alien, animal…  It’s all going to look silly in the end, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a good artist or not!  Then draw a little bit of the neck down to the fold.

*NO PEEKING AT ANYBODY ELSE’S DRAWINGS*  It will ruin the surprise!

Paper GamesStep 4)
Unfold your paper to extend the neck slightly below the crease to the next panel.  This will help the next person know where to start drawing and will keep the body looking fluidly connected (somewhat ;).

Then fold the paper so only the panel with the two necklines are showing and pass your paper to the person on the left.

Everybody should be doing these steps, so the person on your left will pass theirs to the person on THEIR left… and so on.

Paper Games

Paper GamesStep 5)
Now everybody should have in front of them a blank piece of paper with two necklines given to them from the person on their right.  Remember, NO peeking at the head they drew.   That would spoil the surprise!

Now, connect a body to the neck down to the waist.  You can put the start of some legs in this panel if you’d like.

Get creative!  You can draw a dress, a shirt with a funny slogan, or it can be a monster, or animal body!

Paper GamesStep 6)
Now unfold just the bottom of the paper to extend the start of the legs into the next panel so they’ll be connected to the body.

Then flip it to the next panel so it is JUST showing the start of the legs and pass it to the person on your left.

Paper GamesPaper GamesStep 7)
Now everybody should have in front of them a blank piece of paper with the start of the legs given to them from the person on their right.  So, all we have left to do is to complete the legs and feet!

Paper Games
(Okay, so this was my panel and it totally looks like I’m promoting animal cruelty by stomping on birds. I’m not. The poor guy fainted because of the giant’s foot odor.)

Step 8)
Crumble up your paper to disguise the picture and then pass it to the person on your left!

Paper GamesThe Big Finish!

Then each player takes a turn opening the paper in front of them to reveal the final drawings.  I suppose everybody could all open at the same time if you’d prefer, but I think it’s more fun to take turns while everybody watches the reveal of how they contributed to the final product!

Paper GamesTa-da! Our monster-piece! Delia drew the head, Charlotte drew the middle, and I drew the feet.  We also had two other papers that we opened as well during this round since there were 3 players, but for demonstrative purposes, we just photographed the one.

We’d love to see any other silly creations that were made playing this game, so if you ever get a chance to play, take a pic and link your favorite(s) in the comments!

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7 Responses to Paper Games to Play When You’re Stuck Indoors pt 1

  1. Joana says:

    A very cute post, and a great idea, Celeste!

  2. Fab ideas, Celeste –
    we’ve been having rain followed by more rain here in England, so this post is perfect for keeping everyone happy – thank you…. :-)

    • Celeste says:

      We’ve been having snow followed by more snow here. Here’s to hoping the weather clears up for the both of us :). Thanks for stopping by!

  3. This is so cute. I forgot I used to play some of these when I was little. I pinned this to try these out later today since its raining here in Atlanta (again)!

    • Celeste says:

      We’ve finally had a break in our bad weather streak (thank goodness). Hopefully you get a break soon too! Thanks a lot for pinning :)

  4. Jason says:

    Very neat… I like this. I’m going to try it with my kids. Nice work on this blog. Very well done.