November 2014 Love with Food Review + Free Box Offer

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Love with Food November 2014

Love with Food November 2014

Darn you, November and the shopping and holidays and whatnot.  I’m two days behind in doing my November 2014 Love with Food review.  Better late than never, though.  Let’s get it on!

**Also, stay tuned because at the bottom, I will tell you how to get January’s box for free without a coupon code!**

Love with Food outside of the box

Love with Food outside of the box

In case you aren’t familiar, Love with Food is a monthly subscription box company that delivers organic, all-natural, hard-to-find gourmet snacks.

First look inside

First look inside

For every box sold, Love with Food donates a meal to several food banks to help combat childhood hunger, such as the Feeding America Network and Share Our Strength – No Kid Hungry.

Love with Food November 2014 Theme: Baby It's Cold Outside

Love with Food November 2014 Theme: Baby It’s Cold Outside

Each month, Love with Food subscribers receive a box curated to a specific theme usually with 8 or more snacks.  The November box theme this month was “Baby It’s Cold Outside”.  The information pamphlet explains that the items in this month’s box are intended for subscribers to warm their hearts and homes.

Love with Food has a reward point system.  One way you can receive reward points is to review the snacks you received in your monthly box. You can redeem your points to purchase snacks in the Love with Food website shop.

The Goodies:

Fruit Bliss Dried Mini Figs

Fruit Bliss Dried Mini Figs

Fruit Bliss Dried Mini Figs– I know it sounds kind of weird, but I’ve been meaning to incorporate more figs into my diet for ages.  Figs are just something I never think about, but they are SO incredibly healthy for you. Check it out right here.  These tasted good… like a cross between dried apricots and dried plums.


Jers Chocolates Milk Chocolate Peanut Clusters

Jers Chocolates Milk Chocolate Peanut Clusters

Jers Chocolates Milk Chocolate Peanut Clusters– This was delicious!  If you’re a fan of salty, peanut-y chocolate, then this is a snack you’ll definitely want to try.  It’s not a subtle, barely-there, salty taste either.  It’s right on the money.  SO good!


Whole Spice All Purpose Seasoning

Whole Spice All Purpose Salt Seasoning

Whole Spice All Purpose Salt Seasoning–  I’m not especially a fan of receiving seasoning mixes in food subscription boxes, however this came with a baked sweet potatoes recipe on the back and the mixture of sea salt, sugar, celery, chili, onion, tumeric, garlic, black pepper, and oregano does sound delicious to mix in with sweet potatoes, so I am going to add them to the grocery list this week and give this recipe a shot!


Midnight Soft Baked Biscotti

Midnight Soft Baked Biscotti

Midnight Soft Baked Biscotti– Biscotti are one of those foods that I know I’d enjoy so much more if I drank coffee, but I don’t.  However, this was a rich and yummy double chocolate espresso biscotti that hit the spot for breakfast.  Yum!


Guylian Truffles

Guylian Truffles

Guylian Truffles– Box fave!!!  I received two Belgian chocolates truffles… One in Milk Chocolate and one in dark.  The dark was delicious, but the milk chocolate was “To DIE For” delicious.  Maybe one of the best milk chocolate treats I’ve EVER eaten.  So smooth and creamy.  Not too rich.  Just- Perfect.  I definitely think I’ll be ordering these just as a treat for myself.


Dick & Jane Baking Company

Dick & Jane Baking Company

Dick & Jane Baking Company States and Capitals Educational Snacks– I didn’t eat these, but my daughters really enjoyed them as they’re totally into learning and trivia  latey.  My daughter Delia told me that I needed to be sure to pick these cookies up quite often so she could fully learn her state capitals.


Laiki Red Rice Crackers

Laiki Red Rice Chips

Laiki Red Rice Chips– There’s only 3 ingredients in these crackers– Whole grain red rice, oil and salt.  I have to tell you that I thought that would make them taste pretty basic, but they’re actually quite delicious and give me that satisfying “crunch” that I crave from potato chips.


Chipz Happen Cinnful Sweet Heat Tortilla Chips

Chipz Happen Cinnful Sweet Heat Tortilla Chips

Chipz Happen Cinnful Sweet Heat Tortilla Chips– These are cinnamon tortilla chips that actually have quite a kick to them!  I wasn’t expecting the heat (I guess I should’ve read the bag…DERP!) but they’re really good!  The pamphlet says they’re also good crumbled over ice cream which I think would be interesting to try!


Every Day with Rachael Ray

Also received:

  • 30 Fast and Fun 30 minute meals with Rachael Ray magazine
  • $25 off at Le Tote, which is a clothing rental website deemed “Netflix for women’s fashion”.  Hmm… sounds like an interesting future post idea?

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Conclusion (Free Box Offer)!

This month felt a little heavier on the comfort food/sweet food side of the spectrum, which is exactly what I feel “Love with Food” was going for with their theme “Baby, it’s cold outside”.  Receiving this box is definitely a bright spot of my month, and although some subscription box relationships come-and-go, I see myself keeping Love with Food around for a long time.

If you’re interested in a Love with Food subscription, you can click here if you’d like to get your first box free! (just pay $2 shipping).

At the end of the month subscription, if you wish to cancel, you will need to go on the site to do so, but you may find it benefiical to keep it! Subscriptions for the regular sized box are only $10/month + $2 shipping which is really, in my opinion, a great price point for treating yourself and/or your family.

Are you a Love with Food subscriber?  What was your box fave?


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5 Responses to November 2014 Love with Food Review + Free Box Offer

  1. Kristen says:

    I love a company that gives back – can you believe I’ve never heard of them?! It looks like they are all delicious and healthy…major win! (xfor the chocolate of course!)

  2. Louida says:

    Those Dick and Jane cookies they serve them at my girl’s daycare center. They love eating those cookies and that reminds me I need to pick some up for home too.

  3. Figs brought back memories when I was a kid. We had a fig bush and I remember when it bloomed going out to pick them. This sounds like an awesome box though. #ProductReviewParty

  4. These look like FUN boxes to open! YUM

  5. Renz says:

    Oooh. This looks good. I do the graze box but have gotten bored with it and it’s $6 a box every week. I think I will try this. Thanks for the review. #ProductReviewParty