Mommy Reality Challenge 24 and Link Up

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It’s Friday, I’m in love!

Okay, finally a Friday song to kick out of our heads the song Jen put in the last Mommy Reality Post!

Anyway, welcome to Mommy Reality Challenge #24!

If this is your first time hearing about the Mommy Reality Challenge we are so glad you are joining this great community of moms who participate in our bi-weekly challenges that showcase all the fun, crazy, and sometimes overwhelming moments that are in every mom’s life!

Please don’t just read. This is an INTERACTIVE post! Come join in all the fun!

The Rules are Simple!

  1. We will announce the theme
  2. You will take a pic, post it to the social media account of your choice with the hashtag #mommyreality or write a post and then link it up to this blog post!
  3. Then in two weeks, we will announce our favorites and award a meme to the winner!


Don’t you just hate it when you can’t daydream while brewing tea?


Don’t you just hate it when you can’t hang up the phone?

phone gif

Don’t you just hate it when you can’t grab spices with your wrists?

spice cabinet


It’s so hard to eat popcorn when you’re busy holding your drink :(


For last week’s Mommy Reality Challenge, Jen, from the Mommy Reality Team, challenged us to share our Pet Peeves around the house!  (Hence the awesome informercial gif introduction!)

There seemed to be an on-going theme with the majority of us loathing childproof containers!

The winning entry we chose was a situation that irritates us to no end…

The winner of Mommy Reality Challenge #23: Mom’s Pet Peeves:

Lysa from Welcome to My Circus whose family tends to snatch her scissors and never return them (she even had to hunt them down to take this pic!).  Here’s your meme, Lysa and we hope you join us as the next Mommy Reality Co-Host!

Lysa scissors meme

The Runner-Up position goes to Amber from Our Charmed Life whose pet peeve is when she talks and no one listens.  In fact, she has a house rule, “When you go in time-out, you stay there 1 minute per year you’ve been alive”.

So…guess who was in time-out for 38 minutes for doing Amber’s Pet Peeve recently?

Time Out

Before we move onto our new Mommy Reality Challenge we want to give special thanks to Amber for co-hosting this challenge with us!

Don’t forget to take a walk down memory lane to see all of the other #mommyreality memes on our tumblr page.

It’s time for the next Mommy Reality Challenge!

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And Introducing a NEW Mommy Reality Guest Co-Host:

Lauren from Motherhood and Beyond!

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As a reminder, Lauren won our “What Mom Eats For Breakfast” Challenge. Lauren is a stay-at-home mom of three and enjoys the outdoors, traveling, and being creative!  She incorporates all her hobbies into her blog, so you’ll want to make sure to check it out!

Our NEW Mommy Reality Challenge Theme:

What Mom Wants Needs For Christmas

Way back in the day around, this time of year, sexist holiday shopping ads catered towards “What Women Want” for Christmas were abundant:

sexist christmas ad

Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, Celeste from the Mommy Reality Team remembers seeing TV ads, not quite as bad as the one above, but still thinking, “Wow, just kill me if I ever reach the point where I’m asking for a toaster for Christmas!”

Well… now that Celeste is a grown-up, she STILL feels that a gift related to one of her hobbies such as a gift card to Sephora or something fun and geeky would be the ideal Christmas presents.  HOWEVER–  she’s started to admit that there are certain appliances and utensils around the house that she would actually feel a sense of relief (and some excitement) about receiving as Christmas gifts because they’ve been so neglected and are worse for wear, but various expenses have come up, so she hasn’t gotten around to getting said items replaced and they’ve just become a thorn in her side.

knivesFor example, this knife block set is ancient and has seen better days.  Some of the knives have broken or have gone missing.  The point is, they weren’t taken care of and nurtured as they should’ve been, so they’re quite pathetic. Sometimes Celeste wonders why she even bothers keeping them at all, because at this point, they’re so dull, it’d probably be easier slicing bananas with a baseball bat.

So what about you, fellow moms?  Is there anything at all around your house that’s become such a thorn in your side, you’d love to get it replaced for Christmas?

It’s your turn to share!

You have 2 weeks to complete this challenge!

Don’t forget to grab our super-nifty button!


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We encourage you to visit a couple other Mommy Reality participants in the link-up and leave meaningful comments! The best part of this link-up is that we’re a community of real moms with a sense of humor about ourselves!

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13 Responses to Mommy Reality Challenge 24 and Link Up

  1. What a fun challenge. I think my answer to this one is easy… new Momwear! *wink*

    Have a great weekend.

  2. OMG! I love my meme! Thank you so much for choosing me as the winner of this challenge. It’s nice to know I am not the only one who’s family steals their precious scissors and that it annoys them to no end as well! I am honored to be asked to co-host with you gals and am looking forward to the new adventure. Just let me know when and what exactly it is that I need to do.

    I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this week’s song Celeste…I have listened to it several times already and WOW the memories it has brought back. I am definitely going to share it on my Facebook page so my high school friends can reminisce along with me. My husband, Kenny, was not as pleased to hear the song as he made funny faces. He is 9 years older than me and said, “I just can’t get into that ****! I just don’t get your kind of music.” Bwahahaha! So I played it one more time! 😛

    It always amazes me how much you and I have in common. When I was younger I NEVER thought I would want or ask for household items for Christmas. I found those commercials aimed at the housewife so offensive and “old fashioned.” I even felt really bad for my Mom when my Daddy bought her things like that for Christmas even though her presents always included a nice piece of jewelry I thought “like she really wanted an iron for Christmas.” Unfortunately, I grew up and now realize how she probably loved those gifts a little more than the jewelry Daddy would give her every year.

    This year I find myself wanting more household things for Christmas than ever before. Despite just getting married and all of the wonderful gifts we received for our house then we are still needing more things as things just continue to break or malfunction! I will narrow down my list of NEEDED Christmas presents and link up later today or tomorrow.

    Thanks again for the fab meme. I feel like I have won the Academy Awards or an Oscar. 😉

    Wishing you a relaxing and fun filled weekend.

    • Celeste says:

      WHAT?! How could anybody not like the Cure? They’re only the greatest band of all time and that song has been so radio friendly, I thought it would bring back memories for everybody. So good for you for playing it one more time, haha. 😉

      Yeah, I still love and adore regular hobby gifts, too. But it feel like such a sense of relief when something that needs to be replaced gets fixed.

      I’m glad you like your meme! I’m looking forward to having you co-host with us. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!

  3. I just had to come back to tell you that I have that Cure song stuck in my head and I can’t get it out now! 😛

  4. Hi Celeste, I wonder if your missing knives have gone to find Lysa’s missing scissors?….And that song by The Cure is a right cheesy blast from the past!

  5. Lauren says:

    Thanks for having me as co-host for this challenge, it’s a real honor. My knife block is lacking some zest as well. I’ve replaced about half of the knives and the rest are broken or missing! Thanks for reminding me! I hope you get a good set soon.

    • Celeste says:

      It’s been great having you host with us, Lauren! Yes, it’s really annoying and an eye sore. I hope I can remedy this at some point!

  6. Oh my goodness, the scissors in my knife block just fell apart a couple of days ago. I feel your pain!!

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