Maggie McNair Has Spiders In Her Hair Book Review

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“Maggie McNair Has Spiders in Her Hair” by Sheila Booth-Alberstadt is the first book in the “Maggie McNair” series.  In this series, a little girl named Maggie is usually so caught up with playing and adventure that she forgets or refuses basic hygiene necessities. Other titles include: “Maggie McNair Wears Stinky Underwear” and “Maggie McNair Has Sugar Bugs In There”.

In “Maggie McNair Has Spiders In Her Hair”, Maggie loathes having her hair brushed. She runs away from her mother’s touch when she tries to fix her hair and throws tantrums so loudly the neighbors can hear. Eventually, Maggie’s mother gives up and lets Maggie learn her lesson the hard way.


How did we enjoy it?

I read this book to both my daughters, and my youngest (age 6) could relate to it the most. She has incredibly long hair and wiggles and wriggles when I try to fix it every morning. So frustrating! Sheila Booth-Alberstadt was actually inspired to write this slightly-exaggerated tale after struggling to fix her own daughter’s hair!  We also enjoyed looking at the lively cartoon-style illustrations by Norris Hall.

For age recommendations I’d say that this book is a quick and easy rhyming read for kids who can read by themselves.  The message of the book seems to be for a younger crowd than my 8-year old (I’d recommend ages 3-7), although kids in older age groups can definitely use a reminder about healthy basic hygiene from time-to-time, as well and this could be a fun way to do so.

Booger Slime

The cutest part of the Maggie McNair series, in my opinion, is the incorporation of a children’s hygiene line by Marina Cottage Soap Co. The products are fun to use and kid-friendly with names such as “Maggie McNair Booger Slime Foaming Hand Soap” and “Maggie McNair Giggling Grape Soap”.

giggling grape soap

We received the Giggling Grape Soap and it’s scented exactly like grape bubblegum!

If you’re interested in learning more about the Maggie McNair series, you can visit the website, the shop, or follow the fun on Facebook!

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2 Responses to Maggie McNair Has Spiders In Her Hair Book Review

  1. My kids are so looking forward to summer when swimming pool hair is the norm and they will more than likely only see the brush on Sundays and special days. Going to have to look into this book. Love the booger slime!

  2. Celeste says:

    Oh gosh… mine too, Jen. Get so tired of the old “Just hold still!” routine every day 😉