July Love with Food Review (and get August’s box FREE!)

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July 2014 Love with Food

July 2014 Love with Food

So… you know how I usually post a pic of my monthly Love with Food box with all its contents arranged nicely so we can view everything?  Well, when I went to edit the photos I took, I realized I must have been so eager to EAT everything, that I was impatient and TOTALLY forgot to do that!  What is wrong with me?  Sorry about that!

All right, on with the post! (Also, stay tuned-in because I’ll tell you how you can get August’s box FREE)

Outside of the Box

Outside of the Box

If you’re unfamiliar, Love with Food is a monthly subscription box company that delivers organic, all-natural, hard-to-find gourmet snacks.

For every box sold, Love with Food donates a meal to several food banks to help combat childhood hunger, such as the Feeding America Network and Share Our Strength – No Kid Hungry.

The Love with Food theme this month was “Happy Camper” and if you remember from my post last month, 2 Degrees Food partnered with Love with Food this month, so for every July box sold, TWO meals were actually donated.

Cherry Almond 2 Degrees Ba

Cherry Almond 2 Degrees Bar

2 Degrees Cherry Almond Bar– Yum, I tried this last month for the first time in a sneak peek to their partnership with Love with Food and this was my favorite flavor, so I was glad to see it included in the box!

Sea Salt Lentil Crackers

Sea Salt Lentil Crackers

Mediterranean Snacks Sea Salt Lentil Crackers– These were a soft-type of cracker and I put bits of cheese on them.  They were pretty good and pretty light-tasting.

South Asian Snacks Golden Lentils

Zouq South Asian Snacks Golden Lentils

Zouq South Asian Snacks Golden Lentils– Another lentils snack! I wasn’t sure quite what these were at first. When I ate them, it gave me sort of the satisfying “snacky” fulfilled feeling that one gets when they eat a little bag of sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds or corn nuts.  Not too filling, but satisfied because you snacked on something yummy and salty.

Kids' organic mixed berry chews honey stinger

Honey Stinger Kids’ organic mixed berry chews

Honey Stinger Kids’ Organic Mixed Berry Chews– We’ve been getting lots of fruit snacks in our boxes lately, which my girls adore and I love too because they are the kind without HFCS and artificial colors and flavors.

Somersaults Dutch Cocoa

Somersaults Dutch Cocoa

Somersaults Dutch Cocoa– These were little cookies that are packed with protein because of seeds. The favor was “Dutch Cocoa” and it took a bit of a chocolate edge off my sweet tooth when I tasted them.


Madyson's Marshmallows

Madyson’s Marshmallows

Madyson’s Marshmallows– Box fave!  I don’t even normally care for marshmallows, but this was sooo good.  It’s a gourmet gluten-free marshmallow with chocolate chips inside! So if you roast this over the fire, it’ll tastes like a s’more!


White Cheddar Puffs by Beanitos

White Cheddar Puffs by Beanitos

White Cheddar Puffs by Beanitos– Normally I love white cheddar, but something didn’t sit right on the ol’ flavor palette with these. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what went wrong here except they tasted just a bit… strange?  Not bad, just unusual. A little disappointing. I’ve tried other chips by Beanitos and really enjoyed them!

Conclusion (& Free Box Offer)!

To be honest, this probably wasn’t my favorite Love with Food box I’ve ever received, but I still feel like I got my money’s worth (subscriptions are $12/month). You can read my past reviews here to see what other kinds of goodies I’ve gotten!

If you’re interested in a Love with Food box, you can get your first box for FREE if you’re a new subscriber (You don’t need a coupon code. just pay $2 shipping). You can click here to sign up for that if you’d like. The free August box offer is good until 7/30. At the end of that month, if you don’t wish to continue receiving, you will need to cancel, but you may find it beneficial to keep it!

Do you receive Love with Food?  Are you ever as eager to dive in as I was this month that it doesn’t even make it to the cupboard?!

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6 Responses to July Love with Food Review (and get August’s box FREE!)

  1. Louida says:

    Sometimes with organic and gluten free foods, the taste be a little off but majority of the time it taste really good! #ProductReviewParty

  2. These look great! What fun to get mystery boxes of goodies in the mail!! #ProductReviewParty

  3. Victoria says:

    Oh wow you received a lot of goodies. I am going to have to check this box out. #ProductReviewParty