Influenster Hellmann’s #Squeezemoreout recipe: Fruit ‘n Curry Chicken Salad

I received another survey from Influenster a few weeks ago to see if I qualified for their Hellmann’s #SqueezeMoreOut campaign and I ended up making it, so yay for free Mayonnaise!

Hellman's #Squeezemoreout

If you aren’t familiar with Influenster, it’s a free-to-join community of trendsetters, social media masterminds, and educated consumers who live to give opinions of products and experiences.  After signing up, you can pick short activities to do based upon your interests, and when Influenster feels you’re a good match for a campaign, they’ll email you a survey to fill out, just to see if you qualify. If you do, they’ll send out “Vox Boxes” with products, coupons, or singular products to test based on your interests in exchange for honest reviews.

influensterHaving a blog isn’t mandatory with signing up for Influenster, but they appreciate users sharing about their products through the various social media platforms that they do use. The more you share about your products, the more likely the chances of getting selected for future VoxBoxes!


If you’d like an invite to Influenster, feel free to contact me: leapfrogandlipgloss [at] or leave your email address in the comments. I do have some extra openings currently.


To see more of my Influenster campaigns I’ve blogged about, click here.

So for this campaign, instead of receiving a themed VoxBox (like the “Go” Voxbox), I received a product to showcase.

Hellmann's #SqueezeMoreOut

The product I received was Hellmann’s Mayonnaise in their new squeeze bottle. Apparently, in 2014, 1,000 pounds of Hellmann’s Mayonnaise were stuck inside squeeze bottles, so they decided to redesign it. I know I personally can never get the ends of mayo out of squeeze bottles, or in the jars, I’m scraping my knuckles against the sides trying to dig the remainder out because I don’t like to waste, so I like the idea of using all of the product I paid for.

Fruit n Curry Chicken Salad #SqueezeMoreOut

I know, ideally the bottle design is meant for squeezing on burgers or sandwiches, but I was in the mood for some chicken salad!  So I made that recipe instead.  Mayo is mayo in a recipe whether it comes in a squeeze bottle or jar, and I’m happy to report that the design helped get all the mayo out without splattering all over me.

Fruit'n Curry Chicken Salad #SqueezeMoreOn

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Fruit'n Curry Chicken Salad
  • 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts - cooked and diced
  • 1 stalk celery, chopped
  • ½ onion, chopped
  • 1 apple, peeled and chopped
  • ⅓ cup raisins or dried cranberries
  • ½ cup green grapes, halved
  • ⅛ teaspoon ground black pepper
  • ½ teaspoon curry powder
  • 1 cup Mayonnaise (or, I used nearly all the Hellmann's Mayo Squeeze Bottle)
  • ½ cup chopped pecans (optional)
  1. Mix together Mayo, Pepper, and Curry in a bowl
  2. Toss in the other ingredients and mix well
  3. Refrigerate for a few hours for flavors to marry
  4. Serve on bread, on a croissant, or on a bed of lettuce

The salad tasted great as always and it felt nice not to waste any mayo!

Do you participate in Influenster?  Again, if you’d like an invite, email me or leave your email address in the comments!


 Disclosure: Although I received a product complimentary in exchange for a review, all words and opinions are my own.

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12 Responses to Influenster Hellmann’s #Squeezemoreout recipe: Fruit ‘n Curry Chicken Salad

  1. May O'Naise says:

    Hi, I like that they redesigned the bottle, because let’s face it, nothing’s worse than getting white creamy mayo splattered all over yourself, esp. when you’re wearing a black dress and then your kids think you have bad gas. Way to go Hellmann’s.

    I can’t wait to try this recipe! I love curry, chicken salad, and fruit!

  2. Jen says:

    I would like to come and live in your house and eat you food! This is about the BEST summer time recipe ever for someone like me who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time cooking when it is a million degrees!

    • Celeste says:

      Aww, thanks. I love making a big batch of it and then having it for lunch over several days or packing for on-the-go days :)

  3. Iveth says:

    Loooooove mayonnaise!!! and your salad looks delish!! Will definitely prepare you recipe this weekend. Yeahhhhhh thanks for sharing

  4. Louida says:

    I love mayonnaise! And I love Hellmanns new squeezable bottle, no more needing a knife. Your salad looks really yummy Celeste! #ProductReviewParty

  5. holy #yumalert!!!

    i’m an influenster but i never get the boxes like this!!!

    i’m not a big mayo fan but this recipe will be made!

    • Celeste says:

      My eldest daughter hates mayo, but doesn’t even realize it’s in there because I let it sit for a few hours to marry the flavors (and color) of the curry. I hope you enjoy it!

  6. Stacie says:

    The curry in this salad sounds good. I think I might try to fix this for my family. They are so picky though, ugh!