French Toast School Wear #Giveaway ends 9/30

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Ah, how fun.  For the first time in this blog, my girls got to play dress-up and have a little photoshoot!

French Toast, a company that specializes in school wear, contacted me asking if I’d wish to host a giveaway for my readers.

Now, when I think of school uniforms, an image typically pops in my mind of traditional, cookie-cutter, non eye-popping wear. However, when I looked on French Toast’s website, I noticed that many of their clothes seemed to have a bit of a trendier edge, that could even be worn mixed and matched with other *non* uniform pieces.

French Toast School Uniforms #GiveawayFun fact!  I heard the other day that 1 in 4 public schools are starting to require school uniforms these days. I did not know that! We have lots of friends who attend private school, and we loved the clothing, so we thought we’d spread the word about this company.

French Toast Clothing #Giveaway at Leapfrog and
The clothing on the site is very affordable, but that doesn’t compromise the quality. When they arrived, I was very pleased at how they looked and felt!

frenchtoasttagFrench Toast has boys school uniforms, girls school uniforms, and they have sizes starting from 2T all the way to juniors. They have slim and plus sizes, as well.

French Toast Giveaway DeliaMy eldest daughter is in 3rd grade and she is wearing the following from French Toast:

  • Girls Anti-Pill Crew Neck Cardigan Sweater in Black– size 8 (Btw, any article of clothing with the word “anti-pill” in the name is a friend of mine!)
  • Girls Two Tab Scooter in Heather Grey– size 8

French Toast #Giveaway LeapfrogandLipgloss.comThe piece we were a fan of the most was the Two-Tab Scooter Skirt. It’s a best seller on the site and I chose it because it’s a trendy take on the school uniform look, plus they can wear it with other outfits. Both my daughters love how it has built-in shorts. In my daughters’ sizes, this skirt came in 6 different colors, so it was a fun process deciding which to choose.

School Uniform Giveaway

My youngest daughter is in 1st grade and she is wearing the following from French Toast:

  • Girls Boyfriend Duster Sweater– size 6
  • Girls Two Tab Scooter Skirt in Khaki– size 6

Enter to Win the French Toast #Giveaway at

Foot out of the shoe, standing on one leg.  I think she’s on to something….  “The Stork”. More models should take note. (Gisele, we’re lookin’ atchu!)

French Toast School Uniform #Giveaway

French Toast Uniform #Giveaway

French Toast School Clothes #Giveaway

So how did they do on their first shoot? :)

Oh, and heads up: -COUPON CODE ALERT- Right now until 9/18 you can receive 15% off all pants & sweaters with coupon code: QPPAN2SW on the French Toast website.

Giveaway Time!

French Toast has generously offered to give one (1) Leapfrog and Lipgloss reader TWO tops and ONE bottom of their choice! Go ahead and take a look on the website, come back here and comment what you’d like and enter on the rafflecopter below!

There’s a lot of options to enter, but keep in mind there are TWO options you can come back and enter daily! “Tweeting about the Giveaway” and “Pinning the Giveaway Image”.

Giveaway is open to US residents 18+ and ends 9/30/14 at 11:59pm EST.  Good luck!
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22 Responses to French Toast School Wear #Giveaway ends 9/30

  1. James Robert says:

    I’d choose 2 of the 1009H
    Long Sleeve Pique Polo and the
    Boys Adjustable Waist Double-Knee Pant

  2. Patrycja Chudziak says:

    I would choose the Velcro-Closure Leather Belt, Adjustable Plaid Tie, and the Puffer Jacket.

  3. Micah says:

    My nieces are so cute!!

  4. The scooter skirts and pill tops! My children all go to a K-8 charter school that requires uniforms so I love the items I am seeing here!

  5. Tory says:

    I would choose 3 pique polo shirts

  6. I wish all kids wore uniforms like those. They are so chic AND cute! (And those are great photos of your very lovely daughters!)

  7. Ronda says:

    I would choose two blue polo tops and a pair of shorts

  8. Sharon Kaminski says:

    I would chose the Anti-Pill Crew Neck Cardigan Sweater, the Puff-Sleeve Polo, and the Kick Pleat Scooter skirt.

  9. Darlene Carbajal says:

    I would choose the Short Sleeve Oxford Blouse with Darts, Contrast Crepe Blouse, & the Sash Belt Bermuda Short.

  10. Stephanie Bondlow says:

    I would get 2 Double Knee Pants (Modern Fit) Workwear Finish for boys and for girls I would get Adjustable Waist Pants in 7 Slim, all pants have to be navy at their school.

  11. They have some nice things. My daughter attends parochial school so they pretty much mandate where she has to go to get her uniforms but if they ever let up – this looks like a GREAT option! #productreviewparty

  12. Louida says:

    I wish my daughter’s school had uniforms, it would save me a boatload of money. Celeste your daughters are adorable! Thanks for hosting a great giveaway! #ProductReviewParty

  13. Bobbie Smith says:

    I would pick the Skinny 5-Pocket Pant and the Dolman Sleeve Tunic Polo and the Short Sleeve Gather Front Blouse.

  14. ethel says:

    i would get the 2 Short Sleeve Peter Pan Blouse and the Zipper Waistband Pleated Scooter

  15. Hannah Pitts says:

    I like the Long Sleeve Stretch Pique Polo,
    Long Skirt with Back Panel, and the
    Hooded Cable Front Cardigan.

  16. Victoria says:

    They look so adorable. My son is in PreK so he does not have to wear uniforms. However, I am unsure what to expect next year so I will have to keep this company in mind. #ProductReviewParty

  17. nickie says:

    Adjustable Waist Double Knee Pant (Modern Fit)and Long Sleeve Pique Polo
    (Size 4-7)

  18. Niki meiners says:

    2 of the 1009H
    Long Sleeve Pique Polo and the
    Boys Adjustable Waist Double-Knee Pant or for my daughter the Anti-Pill Crew Neck Cardigan Sweater, the Puff-Sleeve Polo, and the Kick Pleat Scooter skirt.

  19. Sarah Cool says:

    2 tops 1 bottom
    I would love:
    Peplum Skirt
    Long Sleeve Peter Pan Blouse (Feminine Fit)
    Long Sleeve Peter Pan Blouse with Lace Trim Collar (Feminine Fit)

  20. Shawna O says:

    I’d get the short sleeve pique polo, the long sleeve pique polo and the adjustable waist pleated double knee pant modern fit.

  21. Tanya White says:

    I would choose the Ruffle Sleeve Double Pocket Blouse,Boyfriend Duster sweater, and the Skinny 5-Pocket Pant.

  22. Crystal Rose says:

    I’d pick the Long Skirt with Back Panel, Short Sleeve Peter Pan Blouse with Lace Trim Collar, & Long Sleeve Peter Pan Blouse with Lace Trim Collar.