Dubble Trubble Spring into Organics Hair Care Review & #Giveaway

Dubble Trubble Spring into Organics Hair Care Swag #GiveawayDubble Trubble is an organic hair care line for children launched by award-winning UK-based celebrity hair stylist Daniel Galvin Jr. Daniel Galvin Jr. is passionate about living an organic lifestyle and his influence is helping to reform the designer hair care market for the greater good.

Dubble Trubble Spring into Organics #Giveaway

My girls have lots and lots… and LOTS of hair.  So when I was asked if I’d be up for reviewing the line of Dubble Trubble Organic Shampoo/Body Washes and Dubble Trubble Organic Detangling Conditioner Sprays by Galvin & Galvin London Kids, I was pretty happy because my girls also enjoy helping me with blogging projects. :)

The hair care arrived in a David Galvin Jr. swag bag, which made opening everything feel extra special.

Here’s what was inside the bag:

Galvin and Galvin Dubble Trubble Cool Cucumber

Dubble Trubble Hypoallergenic 2 in 1 Shampoo & Body Wash COOL CUCUMBER– This was my favorite fragrance out of all the products. It was lightly scented of Cucumbers and (to my nose, anyway) Green Tea.

Dubble Trubble Cherry BombDubble Trubble 2 in 1 Shampoo & Body Wash: CHERRY BOMB- I’m not a fan of cherry flavored anything, but my youngest went, “Mmmm!!!”  When I opened the lid, so it’s no big deal… I’ll definitely tolerate if it makes her eager to wash her hair :). The girls love it and it works well!

Dubble Trubble WatermelonDubble Trubble 2 in 1 Shampoo & Body Wash: WATERMELON- These 2-in-1 shampoo/body washes lather and clean the girls hair nicely and are gentle on their skin. My youngest has eczema, and it’s gentle enough for her.

Dubble Trubble BananaberryDubble Trubble 2 in 1 Shampoo & Body Wash: BANANABERRY- I asked the girls what their favorite fragrance was out of the lot and they both agreed that Bananaberry smelled the best! They said it smells just like a banana popcicle!

Dubble Trubble Watermelon Detangling SprayDubble Trubble Detangling Conditioner Spray- WATERMELON: (Brand new!) I have to use a detangling spray when I fix the girls’ hair every day.  This conditioning spray can either be used as an all over leave-in conditioner after shampooing hair, or it can be sprayed on dry hair to help comb out tangles during styling.

Dubble Trubble Conditioner Spray Cool CucumberDubble Trubble Detangling Conditioner Spray- COOL CUCUMBER: I mentioned earlier that this was my favorite scented shampoo/body wash, so the fact that they also have it in the conditioner spray is great!

Enter to Win Dubble Trubble Spring into organtics #GiveawayAfter using Dubble Trubble Hair Care products!

To BuyAll these Galvin & Galvin London Kids Dubble Trubble products are now available for $4.99 each and you can buy them at Target (or Target.com)!

GiveawayGalvin & Galvin London Kids has generously offered to supply 1 Leapfrog and Lipgloss reader with all of the above Dubble Trubble Hair Care Swag!!

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If you quickly click 1x on the above banner, I will bake you cookies!!! No, I sadly can’t, but I will really appreciate it!!! Thank you so much!

**To Enter To Win: Please visit the Dubble Trubble website, then come back here and comment which fragrance sounds most appealing to you. Then fill out the Rafflecopter form below!**

Giveaway ends 4/1 at 11:59 EST. Open to US residents 18+; Void where prohibited. Good luck!

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  1. Alison Tolar says:

    I like the sound of the watermelon scent.

  2. James Robert says:

    BananaBerry sounds good to me

  3. Kenneth Evans says:


  4. Margot S. says:

    Bananaberry sounds yummy!

  5. Clem says:


  6. Krystyn Lowe says:

    Mmmm, Bananaberry sound amazing, bananas are my fave scent!

  7. pamela j says:

    Cool Cucumber sounds so fresh!

  8. Laura Royal says:

    I think cool cucumber sounds amazing!

  9. Mary Mougeot says:


  10. Denise Anderson says:

    I love Watermelon anything so I’ll go with that one.

  11. Pam Howell says:

    Watermelon and cucumber both sound like they smell great.

  12. lori clark says:

    banana berry sounds really good! Thanks for the chance!

  13. daniella says:

    Watermelon is my favorite smell and flavor! #giveaway

  14. Starla B says:

    So many awesome products and fun fragrances. I would choose the watermelon flavor. I love yummy smells in my hair!

  15. Nicole Acuna says:

    The BananaBerry sounds awesome but the cucumber looks great too for hot summer days.

  16. Jesse S says:

    The watermelon fragrance sounds best to me. Thanks for the share!

  17. Elissa Mahler says:

    The watermelon fragrance sounds divine!

  18. Angela says:

    cool cucumber

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    I would like to try the Bananaberry!

  20. Watermelon it smells so good !

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    The Watermelon fragrance sounds great!

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    I like watermelon

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    I think the watermelon and cucumber will be favorites.

  24. Cheryl says:

    Cool Cucumber sounds most appealing to me.

  25. Kimberly O says:

    Bananaberry sounds yummy!

  26. Van T. Pier says:

    MmmMmmm…I reckon watermelon be my favorite. I love warm days sitting on the porch in my rocking chair and enjoying some delicious watermelon. I have to do my best to not try to eat the shampoo when washing my girl’s hair.

  27. Rebecca Parsons says:

    I think the Bananaberry sounds pretty good.

  28. Dana Rodriguez says:

    Bananaberry sounds pretty awesome!

  29. Jennifer M. says:

    BananaBerry sounds good!

  30. Jill Rivera says:

    The watermellon because I am tired of this winter and I want summer.

  31. ELIZABETH C. says:

    I would definately choose watermelon. Oh yum!

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    I would choose Cool Cucumber

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    Cherry Bomb

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    cool cucumber.

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    Cool cucumber scent!!

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    Cool cucumber sounds nice to me.

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    Cool cucumber sounds refreshing.

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    Cherry Bomb sounds yummy to me.

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    Cool Cucumber

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    Would love to try the Watermelon scent for my daughter!

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    The Cherry Bomb sound like it will be great.

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    Banana berry…..sounds yummy smelling

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    Banana berry!

  44. Michele P says:

    the watermelon fragrance sounds wonderful!

  45. Sara says:

    Cherry bomb sounds delicious

  46. Debbie says:

    Hi Celeste, are you sure these are hair products and not edible sauces…They sound rather tasty! I could have done with products like these when my two were young. Having naturally curly hair it was a nightmare to say the least trying to get tangles out and what made it worse was the fact that my daughter has extra sensitive skin and couldn’t even use Johnson baby products!

    If these were available back then I could well have had my children taken from me as I’m not sure I could have resisted nibbling them!


  47. Natalie says:

    Banaberry sounds great to me.

  48. Linda H. says:

    Bananaberry sounds the most appealing to me.

  49. Dawn Monroe says:

    I think I would like the cool cucumber.

  50. Melissa says:

    Watermelon sounds awesome! I have to have detangled on hand or else doing my daughter’s hair is painful (for both of us). Sounds like a great line of hair products.

  51. Tandi Cortez-Rios says:

    The BANANABERRY and WATERMELON sound appealing to me!

  52. barbara says:


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    The Cool Cucumber sounds appealing.

  54. I’d love the cucumber, but my daughter would probably go for the watermelon!

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    These scents sound delicious! Kids products have truly come a long way. Heck, i’d even use them!

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  69. The girls are adorable and I know they have fun with this product review! #ProductReviewMom

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    The Cool Cucumber Detangling Spray sounds great. I use so much detanglizer on my kids.

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    Watermelon. That’s my favorite summer food, of all time.

  86. These sounds great, and the scents also sound amazing! The cucumber sounds the best, to me. The girls’ hair looks phenomenal, too; so shiny and healthy! These look really great and the scents sound so fresh! Perfect for spring/summer.