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Peppy Pasta Salad Recipe

I thought these Pepperoni Minis that I received in my last Hormel shipment were totally adorable (they’re dime-sized!) so I couldn’t wait to cook something up with them. While brainstorming for ideas, I turned the package over and saw an easy recipe that I thought would be fun to make because it’s so colorful! IContinue Reading

Bacon Fried Rice Recipe

I thought I’d try this!  I’ve had pork fried rice before, but not specifically “Bacon” Fried Rice. I was going to attempt to use my Hormel Black Label Bacon in a dessert this month, but due to the holidays, I’m a little desserted out, so I decided to make a meal my family would enjoy.Continue Reading

Spicy Guacamole Mac & Cheese Recipe

Guacamole? GOOOD!  Macaroni and Cheese?   GOOOD! Those are two foods I’m a big fan of, so I decided to try out Wholly Guacamole’s Spicy Guac Mac & Cheese recipe.  I tweaked it ever-so-slightly, so here’s the link to the actual recipe for reference! 5.0 from 1 reviews Print Spicy Guacamole Mac & Cheese   IngredientsContinue Reading

Thyme Apple Pork Tenderloin Recipe

While meal planning for this week’s recipe, I realized that I hadn’t yet used a Hormel Always Tender Pork Tenderloin in a “meat and potatoes” kind of way because that’s simply not how I am accustomed to eating meat.  I enjoy incorporating fruit in my recipes when I do eat meat this way (orange chicken,Continue Reading

Thai Cabbage Roll-Ups Recipe

For my Hormel Recipe post for this week, I was working with Hormel Always Tender Pork Tenderloin and had a craving for Thai so decided to prepare them in the form of Thai-style cabbage wraps with Chi-Chi’s Taco Style Tortillas, and Skippy Natural Creamy Peanut Butter (also Hormel Brands). You can choose to marinade theContinue Reading

Barbeque Pork and Spinach Pizza Recipe

Making homemade pizza is something the girls and I enjoy doing together, however I grow tired of traditional topping sometimes and feel like shaking thing up! For today’s recipe, I went to the Hormel website and found a Barbeque Pork and Spinach Pizza Recipe with the main focus ingredient being Lloyds Seasoned and Shredded Pork inContinue Reading

Veggie Guacamole Wraps Recipe

Today I’m sharing a healthy Veggie Guacamole Wraps recipe that I’ve been making for years.  The ingredients and prep are simple and they’re packed full of flavor. These wraps make a nice alternative to sandwiches in packed lunches or you can take them on a nice picnic lunch with a certain special someone :).Continue Reading

Spicy Sweet and Sour Pork Recipe

*Fun Fact*  My husband met back in the day when we both worked at a Chinese restaurant. Years later, some of the cooking tips from many of the dishes still lingers in my memory and I try to incorporate them into meals from time-to-time. This time, I took Hormel Always Tender Original Pork Tenderloin andContinue Reading

Southwestern Pork Tostadas Recipe

As a family, some of our “go-to” weeknight meals consist of something like tacos, burritos…anything Mexican-food related that can be customizable. My girls (ages 6 and 8) tend to go through various stages of “picky”– where sometimes certain meals and ingredients are okay, other times they’re not, so since you can customize Mexican-food related dishesContinue Reading

BLT Pizza with a Guacamole Twist Recipe!

So, I’m super excited to announce that, in addition to my regular content, I’ll be blogging for Hormel Foods these next few months! Here’s my button!  Ta-dah! In case you aren’t familiar, Hormel Foods brings you brands such as Skippy and Jennie-O, and every month I’ll be posting recipes, and chit-chatting about how to incorporateContinue Reading