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Jennie-O Better Breakfast Creamy Turkey Breakfast Bake Recipe

If you’re a regular reader on my blog, you may recall that a few months ago I put a call to action out in the web-osphere for mommies everywhere to share what they really eat for breakfast every morning. The response was pretty consistent across the board with a cup of coffee being the front-runner.Continue Reading

Peanut Butter Breakfast Quinoa Recipe and Skippy #Giveaway ends 10/19

I’m a little guilty of being a little one-dimensional with peanut butter and just using it as a condiment on sandwiches or as a dip… maybe every once in awhile going a little nuts and making cookies out of it! But for today I wanted to share a cozy fall breakfast peanut butter recipe featuringContinue Reading

Make Ahead Barbecue Breakfast Burrito Recipe

I have to admit, I’m probably similar to many families during the morning rush in that I pour my family members a bowl of cereal, breakfast bars are opened, and maybe grab some toast or fruit for myself. But I’m very mindful that sometimes the day just feels like it’s off to a better startContinue Reading

Ham and Hashed Brown Quiche Recipe

While preparing what to make for dinner, I was reminded that I had some cubed ham on-hand from Hormel (Hormel Cure 81), but the weather was waaay too hot this week to think about eating something like the ham and navy bean soup I had originally planned for it, so I decided to do somethingContinue Reading