Cashing Through the Snow #Giveaway

Cashing Through the Snow #Giveaway

Liz Lemon Christmas

Hurray!  Christmas shopping season is upon us! I’m super excited to have teamed up with some fabulous blogging friends for a $195 Cash Giveaway intended to help make this year’s Christmas shopping excursion a little less painful on your pocketbook.

**Bonus perk** I will even help you shop!

Here is a super practical gift that is sure to be put to good use!

beyonce soul in a jar

A Jar that Contains the Soul of Beyoncé.

This a real thing!  And if you win the $195 Giveaway, you can custom order THIRTEEN of them here since they’re only $15 a pop!

This, of course, begs the question if it’s really authentically Beyonce’s soul or not since it’s in 13 different jars.  And also the fact that — well– she’s still alive, but …

Nobody’s got time to think about that!  I’ll quit being a poopy-pants!



… (or, you know, I guess you could spend the $195 on anything else you’d like, too)

*-Cashing Through the Snow Giveaway Details-*

Cashing Through The Snow #Giveaway CollageThis Giveaway runs from November 17th, to December 5th 11:59 EST.  Canada and US residents only; 18+. Void where prohibited. You must have a Paypal Account to enter this Giveaway.

Please be sure and say thank you to the amazing bloggers who helped to put together this phenomenal cash prize for you to win!

Ruffles and Rain Boots Motherhood and Beyond Our Poole House Leapfrog and Lipgloss Jordans Onion The Deliberate Mom French Robin Designs Girl on the Move The Trish List Coffee With Jamie JENerally Informed Image Map

Ruffles and Rain Boots Leapfrog and Lipgloss French Robin Designs Our Poole House JENerally Informed Jordans Onion The Trish List The Deliberate Mom Girl on the Move Coffee With Jamie Motherhood and Beyond Image Map

Jen of JENerally Informed | Jennifer The Deliberate Mom | Celeste of Leapfrog and Lipgloss | Julie of Girl On The Move | Lauren of Motherhood and Beyond | Sarah of Ruffles and Rain Boots | Tammi of French Robin Designs | Jordan of Jordan’s Onion | Trish of The Trish List | Jamie of Coffee With Jamie | Holly of Our Poole House

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Drawing will take place on Dec. 6th and the winner has 5 days to respond before a new winner is selected.

Winner must have a paypal account to redeem winnings.

Winnings will be sent within 48 hours of emailed confirmation has been received.

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20 Responses to Cashing Through the Snow #Giveaway

  1. James Robert says:

    If I won, I’d be buying gifts for my kids for Christmas. Being a single dad with 5, it gets expensive so I appreciate the chance, thank you

  2. mai tran says:

    I’d like to donate the money to dog shelters. Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. Nichole Smith says:

    I’d use part of it to buy Christmas dinner and the rest I’d put toward gifts. My kids want lots of Lego’s this year and they need some warm jammies.

  4. Echo says:

    That Beyonce thing CRACKED me up! What a great giveway!

  5. Kelly D says:

    I would buy winter clothing and toys for my kids.

  6. Stephanie Phelps says:

    If I won this I would put it back to help buy my new stove!

  7. Jennifer Hiles says:

    I would get my neice an Amazon gift card, my mom a stick blender and my nephew some toy cars! And myself a pair of boots :)

  8. Ellie Wright says:

    I would use this to help my family with the holidays.

  9. Jen says:

    Wow, it takes 13 jars to hold her soul hmm? that is awesome!

  10. Colleen Boudreau says:

    I would buy a new pair of boots.

  11. Stephanie Shipley says:

    I would use it to buy some new shoes for my son and some Christmas presents for the family.

  12. Amber F says:

    I’d buy my husband something special for Christmas! Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  13. Amy Heffernan says:

    I would spend it on my kids for christmas

  14. Tracy says:

    I have both my kids birthdays and Christmas in December, so it would go to those -it is a very expensive month in my house!

  15. Wendy R. says:

    I’d use the money towards Christmas travel expenses.

  16. amy pugmire says:

    I would love to spend it on my kids for xmas

  17. Bailey Dexter says:

    I would love to pick up a few things for the grandkids & the new grandbaby!

  18. Kristen Osborne says:

    If I won I would buy the digital video camera from Amazon I’ve been wanting so that we can capture our baby girls first Christmas on video :)

  19. Melissa J says:

    I made a documentary and need money to put towards getting rights on the music! I’d use the rest toward Christmas shopping.

  20. CD says:

    Christmas presents for my Dad.