Balloon Glow Fest Smucker’s Snackation Destination pt. 2

The girls and I have spent this past summer bonding and just trying to have as much fun as possible doing inexpensive activities out and about St. Louis.   Last week, I wrote about how the girls and I went to our “Snackation Destination“: Walmart to scoop up some Smucker‘s goodies to take on our outing to the Balloon Glow Fest in Eureka, MO!

Smuckers Snackation Destination

Out of the Smucker‘s goodies we looked at from Walmart the other day, we chose the following to make goodies to pack in our cooler:

Smucker's Balloon Fest

The website said there’d be parking at a nearby high school and then we’d be shuttled over to the park for the Balloon glow, so off we went! The drive to Eureka took about 40 minutes and when we got to the high school, we saw the shuttle line was about 200 people deep! We hopped in line and crossed our fingers that it would move quickly, but the first “shuttle”- which was really a school bus- arrived about 20 minutes later, loaded up, left and didn’t come back for another 20 minutes.  We started to realize that there was only 1 bus for all these people and at this rate, we’d never make it to the park in time.  Not only that, but the trip back to the school after it was over would be incredibly long and annoying.  We heard people speaking about how they didn’t expect such a huge turn-out this year, so they obviously weren’t very prepared.

So, I looked on the site to see where the fest was, and DOH!  The park was about 5 minutes away.  I just assumed initially that there wouldn’t be any parking or the traffic would be terrible, so I opted for the shuttle, but there was plenty of parking and the traffic wasn’t bad at all!  I felt so silly for waiting in line for nearly an hour at that school 5 minutes away!


After we parked, we walked over to the park and found our friends near the playground, then scoped the place out. I definitely was glad that we brought our own snacks because it was so crowded that the lines for the few food vendors that were there looked to be about 45 minutes long! So not worth it!

Smuckers Snackation

For our dinner and snacks, we packed

Shortly after we ate, the sun went down and the grown-ups lounged around chatting, as the kiddos played on the play area while the area was lit up with hot air balloons glowing off and on throughout the park.

balloon fest

Eureka Balloon Glow

It was a pretty successful and relaxing end to our summer and at the end of the night we were definitely glad we didn’t take that “shuttle” so we could get home to sleep!

Did you do anything fun to wrap up your summer?

top_mommy_blogs_signature_bannerDisclosure: Although I was compensated by the J.M. Smucker Company in exchange for a review, all words and opinions are of my own.

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5 Responses to Balloon Glow Fest Smucker’s Snackation Destination pt. 2

  1. Vantpier Smucker says:

    Get your Smuckers at the local Vantpier store! Support your local Vantpiers!

  2. Louida says:

    You all concluded summer the fun way! At the end of summer for us we went to the mountains. #ProductReviewParty

  3. Such wonderful family fun, lots of memories made with the best jam/jellies ever!!! #ProductReviewParty

  4. Stacie says:

    That balloon fest sounds like it was really cool. Awesome snacks too. We went to our state fair.

  5. Wow, that was an interesting trip. Now I wanted to check out a ballon fest. It’s great to have healthy snacks on deck.