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Ask Away Friday Lysa

A couple weeks ago, I did an Ask Away Friday post with Echo from Domain of the Mad Mommy which was a lot of fun!  At the end of the post I asked if anybody else wanted to swap questions and Lysa from Welcome to my Circus (another awesome blogger I had the pleasure of meeting through the Mommy Reality Challenge) volunteered! Lysa rocks so make sure you check out her blog.

Lysa from Welcome to my Circus

Lysa from Welcome to my Circus

So here we go!

How this works:

Ask Away Friday is a blogger to blogger activity. Bloggers pair up, ask each other questions ,and then answer that bloggers questions on their own blog! It’s a fun way for bloggers from every niche to get to know each other!

So here are the questions that Lysa asked me:

1. As a stay-at-home Mom what is the one thing you miss the most about having a career?

I love my girls and I do feel so fortunate to have been able to spend such quality time with them and witness almost all their “firsts”, but something I do miss is when I’m out mingling at social events, I feel like I don’t have as much material to contribute to the career small talk that gets exchanged. I have to really stop myself many times from feeling inferior that I’m “Just a Mom”.

Being a stay-at-home mom is something to most definitely be proud of, but sometimes I feel like I need to jump the gun and shame myself for being “Just a Mom” before anybody gets a chance to- just in case they might think that I do absolutely nothing! My Mommy Reality partner-in-crime, Jen, from JENerally Informed actually wrote a great blog post about this feeling we stay-at-home moms get– and how we should knock the crap off.  Here’s the blog post… you should check it out!

2.  If you could live in any era when would it be and why?

empire records

Oh, I’d totally go back to the 90’s. I feel it was the last great decade for great music to be pure and raw- without feeling the pressures to become over processed.  Talent.  Also it was the last decade, I feel, before everybody got SOOO incredibly connected (because of the Internet) that in-person interactions weren’t as special.  Back then, you still had both the Internet &  Reality, so you were able to participate in the best of both worlds without the Internet world being overwhelmingly annoying and burdensome at times.  A lot of the fashion was pretty great, too.  I love how it’s all back now!  It’s fun looking in my wardrobe and seeing flannels, denim and Doc Martens like when I was a teen!

3. As moms we all have moments in which we just want to die of embarrassment from something our kids have done in front of family or in public. What has been your most embarrassing moment as a parent thus far?

Oh gosh. I think maybe at the doctor’s office.  My eldest daughter Delia, who was a baby at the time, had just eaten and I had her over my shoulder to burp her. That day it was sooo crowded and the wait was terrible. My back was to the window, so Delia was facing the window as she was being burped, but then she projectile vomited, splatting AGAINST the window, OFF the window and ONTO the lady sitting next to us.

4. How has becoming a Mom changed you?

Celeste Charlotte Delia

Being a mom has totally rewired my thinking. There is not a thing that I think, a plan that I make, or an action that I take where the first thought that pops into my mind isn’t, “How will this affect the girls?”

Then this thought process follows: “Will this yield them positive, negative, or neutral benefits?”

and THEN this thought process is at the tail end: “Will this yield them positive, negative, or neutral long-term benefits?”.

This thinking pattern can be annoying when it comes to picking out which cereal to buy them, or if I should splurge and buy this bottle of perfume I’ve been craving, but it’s just what I’ve become accustomed to doing to try to provide them with the best life that I can so that I can sleep okay at night and so that they can too because they saved my life and I owe it to them and I’m their Mama.

So, yeah… basically, long story short- every decision I make is over-analyzed and scrutinized, weighed, and picked-apart before I decide if it’d be smart to move forward or step back!

5. What one thing from your past would you change if you could go back and do it all over again?

Ah, this question is depressing! I tend to want to move forward, not dwell on the past, and live my life without regrets. Because if I had done things differently, my life may have ended up without some of the joys I have in it today (like my girls) or I may be a totally different person. I may have not learned the valuable lessons that I’ve learned.

life will give you

However, there was a time where I felt very lost and I hurt a couple people during that time period. One person especially who is one of the most amazing people I’ve been so fortunate to know in my life. I know she’s forgiven me (remarkably) and even though I’m in a much better place these days, to this day, there isn’t at least a week that goes by where I wish I could go back and stop myself and … well… beat the crap out of myself and tell me to get a grip, look past myself, think of others, and also know that life will get better so I wouldn’t have hurt her. As well as the other that I wronged.

6. Who has been the biggest influence on your life? What lessons did this person teach you?

Anytime I get asked this question on a resume, business pow-wow, or social networking survey, my answer is always the same!  ….OPRAH!!!!

oprah excited

J/K…  My answer is always the same, but it would be my big brother Micah.  I’ve looked up to him I was very young and not much has changed :).


Micah, my sister Monica and Me

Micah has a way of living true to himself, no matter what is going on in his life around him or internally. He also emits this soft magnetic, friendly charisma that makes him just really enjoyable to be around. Micah takes care of his friends and is a prime example of how to be one. These are all attributes that I always try to work on, so I really feel that my getting placed as Micah’s sister in this life was meant to be.

7. What is an unknown fact about yourself that would surprise all of us?

This won’t surprise those who know me in person, but it could possibly surprise anybody who purely knows me online to find out that I’m an introvert. Because of the way I write and my sense of humor online, I tend to come across as the opposite.

8. What is a funny story your family loves to tell about you?

Okay, Lysa… I actually went ahead and sent a group text message to my mom, my cousin, my sister and my brother to ask if they had any stories to tell about me. I just wasn’t sure if they had any since they think I’m so perfect!!!

Haha… Okay, so I’m j/k and my phone actually blew up after I sent the question with “Celeste you were a freaking weird kid because…” texts.

I’m telling the one my cousin Heather reminded me of:


When she and I were kids, we’d sit under her cold creepy basement steps shivering and pretending we were homeless people (I know! So terrible!). We’d have one piece of bread that we’d each tear off one morsel as our daily “meal” and we’d sleep sitting up under our one blanket that we’d share.  We’d sit under those stairs and pretend this game for hours. I’m not sure why, but apparently homeless people can’t walk around or do anything.

poor gif

Celeste weird



9. How would your best friend describe you to someone who has never met you?

Yowch!  I have trouble answering questions like these without coming across as beating myself up or bragging on myself.  I think maybe I’d be described as a bit quiet– just at first until I open up, funny, quirky, and a bit of a klutz.


10. What part of pop culture do wish would just go away already?

Kardashian Kulture.  And ass worship.

So, these were my ten questions! Now you can pop over to Lysa’s blog and see the 10 questions I asked her!

If you’d like to participate and swap questions with me, let me know!

Feel free to visit the #AskAwayFriday hosts, grab a button, and join in the fun!


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17 Responses to #AskAwayFriday with Lisa from Welcome to my Circus

  1. […] for me and my answers to them it’s time for you to head over to her blog to read the 10 questions I asked her and her answers to […]

  2. Echo says:

    I love this! Awesome swap! I would totally live in the 90’s with you and the fact that you used an Empire gif made it that much more awesome! Oh and yes, the ass worship needs to stop.

  3. Bruce J. says:

    I thought Kanye West was Kim Kardashian’s ass.

  4. Finally made it over here to read your answers and I love them!

    I often feel the same way you do in social situations about being a stay-at-home Mom. Jen’s post was awesome the other day and helped me to once and for all get over those “Im just a Mom” feelings!

    Although, I was an 80s chick I loved the 90s as well. I still own the same pair of Doc Martins I did back then as they have never left my wardrobe! For that matter neither have flannels come to think of it. One of my favorite “sweaters” is a lined flannel shirt that I live in during the winter!

    I would have passed out and died if one of my kiddos would have projectile vomited and it splattered on some poor unsuspecting soul. That is really embarrassing!

    I am dying laughing over you playing a homeless person in the basement with your cousin! I have never heard of anyone playing that before but I can’t talk I was a weird child as well… Who am I trying to fool, I’m still a weirdo today! 😉

    I have the same problem when it comes to describing myself as well… Why can’t there be a happy medium? I’m a big klutz as well. My Grandfather, my Mom’s Dad, use to call me Gracie because I’m a walking disaster zone!

    I’m with you on the whole Kardashian thing… So over it already! Oh and the ass worship too!

    I’m a shy, quiet, introvert too unless I’m hiding behind my computer screen or you really get to know me in person. Once I’m comfortable around you in real life though I’m quite the character, or at least that’s what I’ve been told!

    Thank you so much for doing this with me! I had a lot of fun answering your questions and coming up with some questions to ask you.

    Wishing you a fabulous afternoon/evening!

    Much love,

    Lysa xx

    • Celeste says:

      I’m waay behind on catching up with my comments, Lysa, so no worries!

      I wish I would’ve saved all my old clothes from back in the day! It’d save me a lot of $$!

      Here’s to being introverts! High-fives and shout outs! Behind the safety of our screens! Haha.

  5. Micah says:

    Aww shucks! I came here to read about you and ended up reading about me… Really? Because I totally dig you for who you are too.

  6. Jen says:

    I love you! We HAVE to get together someday in person and hang out as two nerdy introverts not afraid to be a little silly. Let’s just not do it under the creepy basement stairs, ok?

    • Celeste says:

      I would LOVE that! We would probably be HUGE dorks and make the most of our time– by sitting there and co-write a blog post together or something. Haha

  7. I love Lysa and I loved the questions she asked you!

    Your girls are adorable!

    The 90’s were awesome. The clothes weren’t as bad as the 80’s but everyone was carefree like in the 80’s. Docs… I loved my Docs!

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Celeste says:

      Thanks for the compliments about my girls!

      Yeah, for the most part the fashion was a lot better than in the 80’s. A few questionable pieces here and there, but for the most part I’m glad it’s back in style!

  8. H. Potter says:

    What’s wrong with living under the stairs?

  9. Great swap! People think that I am weird because I used to lock myself in my closet! LOL! I had a radio, a lamp, a stool, a little black and white tv, and my Atari 2600 hidden there! Have a great weekend!

    • Celeste says:

      Hey, I’d love to lock myself in the closet if I had that set-up, too! Actually, I don’t have that set-up and sometimes I feel like I’d love to lock myself in the closet for a time-out!