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Tide Leapfrog and Lipgloss #GiveawayHey, thanks for checking out my “About Me”!

Here’s my brief little “me” blurb:

My name is Celeste, which, for some reason or another, tends to always get messed up in Starbucks give-us-your-name-we’ll-call-you-when-it’s-ready type of situations, so if we’re ever in a position to grab a coffee together and you wonder why I give the name, “Maxine”, that’s why!

Formerly employed in the fashion and beauty industry, I reside in the ‘burbs of St. Louis, Missouri with my two imaginative girls, ages 7 and 9 who keep me on my toes!

I chose my blog’s name Leapfrog and Lipgloss to marry my two loves: “Parenting” meets “Fashion and Beauty”.  You can read more about my thought process behind this here, if you’d like!

We are a family who embraces technology. Technology has opened avenues for me, and I try to stay informed on anything new that launches and captures my interest. We are also a family who enjoys discovering fun and interesting things to do in the city, as well just staying in and finding creative ways to amuse ourselves.



leapfrog and Lipgloss giveawaySome of my other interests include (I decided to randomly pick 15 of them):

  • Discovering products that make life run a little easier
  • Marathoning a good TV series. Current favorite: The Walking Dead.  (See me zombified here)
  • Murder mysteries
  • Discovering new fashion and beauty products
  • Social Media
  • Sarcasm and anyone who has a wicked sense of humor
  • Avocados
  • Dining out
  • Sci Fi and anything that tickles my dork bone
  • Playing games of all kinds: Board Games, Video Games
  • Getting involved in activities that take me out of my comfort zone

Reviews & Giveaways

I love reviewing products and hosting giveaways! I’m in the process of reorganizing my reviews and giveaway tabs, so please forgive my clutter! Additionally, you can also check out my subscription box reviews, here. If you’re an individual or a company interested in a review and/or giveaway, please shoot me an email: leapfrogandlipgloss [at] gmail [dot] com.

I hope you aren’t perfect!

I’m far from a perfect mom, and I hope you can relate! If you can’t, then get lost!!!

Just kidding :).

Mommy Reality Ombre Button

 The Mommy Reality Challenge is a bi-weekly Friday linky-party that I host with Jen from JENerally Informed. It’s the answer to us growing tired of the pressures we feel sometimes gets placed on us Mommas of everything having to look “Pinterest-y Perfect” all the time.  We felt Mommas needed a place to dump off their realistic ~*crap*~.

foodfaceEvery other week, we’ll switch off picking a topic (Such as: “Show us what you’re REALLY feeding your kids for dinner tonight!”) and fellow Mommies will post pics of their kids with Spaghetti-os from a can smeared on their faces or whatnot. And then Jen and I will pick a winning pic and make a meme out of it.

Go here if you want to check out the series and please feel free to join in the fun!  The best part of the challenges is that we’re a fun group of moms who love to laugh and get to know each other!

Thank you for stopping by!

I hope at some point you will comment to say “Hello” as I always enjoy meeting new and interesting people!

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